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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The gloom sets in....and a resolution

The last few weeks have been lazy and uninspiring. I completed a big training and weight loss push 2 weeks before Christmas and now I am officially on a mental (and physical) break. No logs or journals to complete, no counting everything I do, no caring in general. It's not the best approach I can take but mental refreshment is vital to me. I am in the midst of the worst time of year for myself. The time when sunlight hides and I want to hide too. I am a winter gloom and doom type. My relationships suffer in the winter, my motivation suffers, and my outlook suffers as well. I am well aware that I am this way and I will continue to move on reaching for the hope of the spring, just with a few extra tears thrown in.

I did manage to get some running in my life though and that always makes me feel better. I love to run but I HATE running inside. The hot air bothers me, the people bother me, the redundancy bothers me. So last Sunday I laced up my shoes and went out to run in the snow covered streets in the 20 degree weather. I have to say, "I loved it". I was dressed well and I only went 3.5 miles due to lack of daylight (it took me hours to work up to getting out there) but it was wonderful! I really enjoyed it and I think I may become an all season type of girl. My New Year's resolution was that I would run (inside or outside) on Saturday or Sunday. I have no problem during the week since I am at the gym everyday, but weekends get sucked up in family time. This resolution will help me get out there and get moving on weekends too. I like resolutions, I like to be specific, and I like to succeed :)

Have a great day and I hope a great run too!

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