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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blah blah blah

It's been a blah day. I'm grumpy to the point where I yelled at Miss Attitude for complaining about not having a drink in the car. Ok, she still needs to wait for things and learn that instant gratification is not necessary, but I shouldn't yell either. SO I apologized and she forgives and forgets... kids are too loving:)

We have been conducting a search for the perfect bike for her and it has not been easy. She needs a bigger bike for her height but she isn't skilled (or confident) enough to handle the extra weight that a big bike brings. Then there is the toss up - do we spend $100 and get her a cheap bike from Toys R Us in case she doesn't use it very long or do we spend $265 and get the really nice quality bike from the bike store? Ugh, I hate making decisions like this (and spending money - oh how I hate that part too).

In better news we booked our vacation to Universal Studios and I am counting the days until we leave. I am still waiting to book a flight back (hey we have a flight down - what more do we need?). I decided that I would buy the flight down to Florida since it was incredibly cheap ($59 each - see I told you I hate spending money) but now I am waiting for the flight back to be that cheap too. I am hopeful since the prices seem to be changing daily. We can't wait to get away for a week for some fun and a few screams too.

Miss Attitude has started taking Karate class and she loves it! She wants to get her black belt so she needs to practice a lot(and class is 4 days a week). I am hoping that she really learns balance and coordination from these classes. She is going to play spring soccer again in April - so we will be very busy.

The good news is that the last few days I have been right on top of things. Yesterday I went and bought the fabric adhesive I need to attach the Karate stars she earns and the Brownie badges I was supposed to get back in September. Then today we went and got a soccer ball and cleats 2 whole weeks before the season starts! That is a new record for me! I am even planning on attaching the stars and patches tonight - if we don't go roller skating instead. Now if I just find the time to finish my other to do lists - I will be way ahead of the game.

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T with Honey said...

Sounds like a lot of fun going on at your place. Which can also be a bit stressful. I'm so happy that we're down to just dance class for a little while.

On the bike - Dude! you like in flea mkt and yard sale heaven. I bet if you wait for the weather to warm up a little bit you'll find one pretty cheap in no time flat. Much better than buying new just to get it home and discover it's going to sit in the garage for the rest of its like - similar to what Princess did with her tricycle.