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Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 is here - Resolutions abound!

As for 2008 it went by too quickly and I can only imagine what 2009 will bring. I made my New Year's resolutions again and I am confident that it will be maintained. For 2008 I gave up French Fries (and waffle fries and all other fries) and I made it without even sneaking one (which is hard when your 6 year old orders them and only eats a small handful leaving all of those lovely fries to the garbage).
This year I am dedicating myself to running at least twice a week ( I tend to do other cardio instead when I don't have a race scheduled) and adding in other mini resolutions as I go. My first one is the hardest - I am going to stay within my designated calorie range until the week of April 20th. This means no pizza binges, Chinese food buffets, or ice cream sundaes covered in hot fudge and caramel. My biggest challenge for this is the weekends. On weekdays, I have no problem staying within my goals. But oh those weekends are rough - it is too easy with the family around to just get some junk food and go crazy with it. I have made it 3 days (all off days - woohoo) so I am on a roll now! I am looking forward to losing the rest of my weight and hitting my goal this year.
In other goals, I want to run a 10K without walking and finish a 5K in under 30 minutes. That's where the running twice a week will help. I need to have less weight to carry and build endurance. Look out 2009 here I come!
Happy New Year everyone! I hope your resolutions (if you make them) challenge you and inspire you to achieve all you can! Here's to a wonderful 2009! Cheers!

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