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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas and 2008 catch up

It has been so long since I last posted, I have to try and remember where I left off. Thanksgiving came and went and it seems that Christmas came all too fast. Work was crazy since we were shipping vaccines as fast as we could package them (it seems every parent was getting their children vaccinated for the new year!) and I still had all of the shopping and decorating to do at home. Christmas was wonderful though and it went flying by. Miss Attitude - formerly Sweetpea but in her new role she isn't always sweet :) - loved everything she got for Christmas. I think the thing she enjoyed the most was the days off of school. Even though she likes learning, she has discovered the joy in playing ALL day again.
We have spent the last several days digging out from the piles of presents that we were blessed with from our wonderful families. I am looking forward to a great year. I received a new camera (oh my hubby is wonderful) that I can't wait to learn all of the things it can do. Miss Attitude has too many toys to even name, and hubby is playing with his new Xbox 360. So instead of words - here are a few pictures to share our joy of the holiday.
The "kids" (my cousins and Miss Attitude)

My uncle and Miss Attitude had a lot of fun with a can of whipped cream!

Every now and then she still looks like an angel :)
My family waiting anxiously to open presents - the people not in the picture were the ones slowing us down!
Miss Attitude and my Dad (see where the name comes form?)

True joy when you get the one gift you asked Santa for!

Even the cat loves Christmas!

I hope everyone's Christmas was equally fun filled!

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