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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Race - Sweetpea's turn

One of the main reason's that Chris and Sweetpea attended this 5K is that Sweetpea wanted a chance to run too. She has heard me talk about running and seen me practice so she wanted to join in. Her wanting to join has made my heart glad. I would love for her to find joy in something as simple and wonderful as running at her age instead of at 32 like I did. Maybe, just maybe, if she starts now, she won't be struggling at age 33 to make it through a 5K in under 35 minutes.

Her race was to begin after mine ended but I still had Chris waiting in the wings if she needed someone to run with her(you really didn't think I was going to run another 0.5 miles after my own hellish 3.1 miles). While he is not a runner (he thinks I am psycho for running), he can manage a half mile if the occasion calls for it. The kids were all anxious to begin and when the race director called them to the starting line, they were there faster then you could bat an eyelash. They all lined up in classic race starting position (one foot in front of the other) some with parents but most without. After consulting Sweetpea, Dad did not have to run, and off she went to the lineup with a few hints from me. She had her foot right on that starting line and she was ready to go with a serious look on her face.

The race director got on his bike and got a head start before he yelled go and off the kids went. Sweetpea was doing well and keeping ahead of the pack but I was sure she was going to run out of steam before she reached the turn around. I quickly ran over to try and peer around the bend but I couldn't see her any longer. As the kids began to came back into view I first saw the 10 year old girl out in front (who just finished the 5K and beat me too) and the little boy (maybe 5) who's Mom kicked butt in the 5K finishing in 16 minutes (oh how I hate her). Then came Sweetpea, in 3rd place and going strong. As she got closer she slowed to a walk and I thought she was done, but she took my advice and after 5 or 6 steps, took off running again. She went ripping towards the finish line as fast as she could and crossed in a speedy 3:30.

She was so excited that she came in third and wanted to know what award she was getting since 1st,2nd, and 3rd always get awards - right? I had to explain to her that the kids all get the same award (a bag of candy in this case)but that she did a great job. We ended up staying around for the awards ceremony just in case but after baking in the sun for 15 minutes, she decided we could leave. I was relieved it went so well and I hope that she enjoys taking part in these races until she can run with me (and probably beat me) in the 5K races.

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T with Honey said...

I think it is awesome that both you and Sweetpea are running. Honey has challenged me to complete another 5K next summer. Maybe one day we can 'race' together. I know... unlikely but it sounds like we have a similar pace.