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Monday, September 22, 2008

How I love to torture myself

This weekend I entered in another 5K race. There were two important differences in this one though. First, I would be running alone. My friend who always runs by my side was unable to attend since she just had surgery - I guess that's an excuse of sorts. This means that I had no one to stay with me as the rest of the pack runs swiftly by or to keep me motivated when I reach the point of exhaustion. The second thing that was different is that my family (Chris and Sweetpea) was attending as well. For some reason this induced a good set of nerves in me. I already knew I wasn't going to win and that I could only hope to finish well for me since I am not a fast runner. I run these races strictly for finishing them. Each race that I finish drives me forward in my quest to be in better shape. I know if I can run 3 miles today then maybe tomorrow I can do 4.

As the race started, I already regretted being there. It was a small field of runners (about 85) so I had an uncharacteristic spot near the starting line. I prefer to line up in the back of the field since I know 90% of the runners will pass me. In this race though, Sweetpea kept encouraging me to get close to the front so I could win. She wanted me to come in second since I told her there was no way Mommy was going to win the race. As we all took off the pace was fast as always and people were soon leaving me behind as the slower runners fell into their places.
At about a quarter mile in, I was tired and only my will kept me going forward. I was tired, the sun was beating down on me, and I really didn't feel like running. I vowed to make it past Chris and Sweetpea who were waiting for me at the bridge crossing and at least look like I was doing well.

Well I made it past the bridge and then I made it to the 1 mile mark in 10:10 (which is good for me). Now I just had to make the loop before I could head back for the finish line. At this point there were 2 women in front of me and no one behind me. I couldn't see anyone at all behind me and even though I knew someone was back there somewhere, the thought of coming in dead last was not pleasant. I just kept running hoping to do well and even if I came in last, I would know that I had tried. After I made the turn, there were no more splits to tell me my pace. There wasn't any water either (which I was very upset about, I count on that water station 1/2 way through the race). I headed back for the bridge where Sweetpea was waiting for me.
As I came across the river bridge, there is my beautiful girl hanging on the end of the bridge looking desperately for me with a very concerned look on her face. I took out one earphone so I could hear her and what words of encouragement do I hear? "Mommy, you're in last place!" Oh she is so sweet!

Chris gave me some much needed water and a smack on the butt along with an enthusiastic "Keep moving!" and they were off to the finish line to cheer me in. I only had about a half mile to go now and at this point I wasn't going to stop. I made it around the last few blocks and I headed for the finish line. As I came down the home stretch the other faster runners are there clapping for you and telling you what a good job you are doing. As I get to Chris he encourages me to sprint for the finish because I can make it in under 35 minutes if I hurry. I summoned up all the energy I had remaining in me and I sprinted as best I could to cross that line. My final time was a speedy 34:42:59. Yes, that 1/100th of a second is vital to my time! This was my fastest 5K yet and I am amazed at how far I have come since I started this quest. My first 5K in April I finished in 38:30 so I have cut almost 4 minutes off my time. Maybe by the end of next year I can be under 30 minutes - oh how happy would I be then!

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Aimee said...

This is awesome, Billie! Seriously.

I did one 5K with Rob way back when we lived in NC, and then I promptly got pregnant with FIver and never did another.

You are inspiring me to want to try again.

Maybe I should lie down until the feeling passes :)