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Friday, September 19, 2008

Faux pas and more..

How has technology and the Internet changed our lives? Here are 2 examples...

The other day we were leaving a parking lot and Chris (DH) did something stupid. I would tell you in detail what it was but as soon as he realized it, he made me promise I wouldn't blog it. I of course laughed and said "Well I'm going to blog you saying that!"

The worst faux pas of the week belonged to me and I am of course going to share it anyway. I really can't be more embarrassed then I already was when it occurred.

I was asked to present at a meeting that I used to be a regular attendee to, but I haven't gone since I was promoted. I am very familiar with the majority of the people there but there are also many new faces. The atmosphere there is always one of joking around and good natured fun even though the participants have changed. Before I could begin the training I was presenting, there was general discussion of a new(less then 3 months with us) girl that abruptly left the company. She was a very young (22) and very attractive blond Russian immigrant (so she had the sexy look and accent to go with the sexy name). One of the men(Mr Funny) that supports the same area she did jokingly said "She must have left because she was tired of me leering at her all day, along with the rest of the building." We all laughed and moved on with the meeting.

After the meeting I returned to my desk and I wanted to share this story with my friend and co-worker who also used to be a regular attendee. I opened up the IM function we have for office use and clicked on what I thought was her name (starts with a J) and instead I clicked on the name of Mr Funny who made the comment (also starts with a J). I then typed out the whole story before hitting enter. You can imagine my surprise when the reply I received was from Mr Funny instead of my girlfriend. I was mortally embarrassed and had to tell him who I intended to send it to and why. Luckily for me, he has a great sense of humor and I didn't say anything offensive (imagine if I had said something like "That Mr Funny is such an a@@hole"). Even so my face was as deep of a shade of red as you can get!

I learned my lesson from this and I will be paying closer attention to what I click prior to hitting Go. It could have been worse, I think I got off easy on this one!

Have any of you ever made this type of mistake?
Ever been told - you can't blog this because they didn't want everyone to know about an incident even though we all do stupid things?

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