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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Waking up in a strange place

In the morning I leave for work before the sun even thinks of rising. This morning I walked into the hall and saw that Sweetpea's bedroom door was opened. Since we typically close them to sleep I walked over to close it and also to check if she is covered since she apparently practices her Karate kicks in her sleep. I walk in to find her missing from her room. OK, first place I check, the bathroom. Nope no girl in there. Next room over is what we call the Cat room since that is where he likes to sleep. We have recently purchased a futon because it is also Sweet Pea's TV/upstairs playroom and there she is, sound asleep, no covers or anything. I grab a cover off her bed and wake DH up to tell him where she is so he can miss the early morning treasure hunt.

When DH went to wake her up for school, Sweetpea gave him a very hard time about who moved her there and why. He kept telling her that she moved herself there and she refused to believe him. This also seems to be a phase she is going through. She has decided that only what she thinks can be true and everyone else is lying to her. This in itself can get very frustrating and make you want to shake some sense into her (which if it would work might be worth it but since I have never heard of this working I guess we just keep arguing). Well they argued back and forth for quite awhile until Sweetpea decided that a swift kick to DH was the way to end the dilemma. This of course earned her a good morning time out and lecture followed by a helping of tears. She then composed herself and off to school she went only complaining that it is cold outside now. I suppose tonight we will talk about changing sleeping locations mid-slumber and about arguing in genearl (again). I don't mind that she went in there though but it makes me wonder if I need to put a gate at the top of the stairs again (we took it away when she was 2) to prevent any midnight tumbles.

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Meg M. said...

i used to argue with my children. Then i usually end up asking myself, mid argument, 'Why are you arguing with a 6/10 year old child?' and pretty much end the conversation there. Arguing with a child that age is like a broken pencil.....there's NO POINT!
Keep in mind that it takes TWO to argue ;)
And i would put the gate back up. For saftey sake and to help you get a good night's sleep without worrying about Sweetpea. ;)