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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Apple slices to go

With school here and having to pack snacks I have been using an age old trick to preserve those apple slices. Of course we all know that apples brown due to oxidation of the sugar but once they look gross like that, I can't eat them. I know they sell those handy dandy pre-sliced citric acid preserved apples in the store but I think they taste funny so I prefer fresh "made" ones from home. To do this I pull out my quick corer/slicer from pampered chef, slice the apple of my choice, toss it in a Ziploc bag, add a few drops of lemon juice, shake it around, and ta-da no more brown apples. You can't even taste the lemon (unless you use too much - then you get a lemony kick). These only take a few seconds to make. In addition I think it is easier to buy and store fresh apples (especially with apple picking season starting soon). Here's to getting your apple a day!


ellen b. said...

Brilliant. those pre done apple slices do taste a bit weird...

Meg M. said...

Lime juice works, as well, for a different kind of kick ;) We tend to keep both lemons and limes in the house and it's nice to have a little variety!
I never knew that they had pre done apple slices. Then again, Wayne does all the grocery shopping, so i never really make it to the store. They don't sound so good, though.
Good tip!

Aimee said...

Yum! I can't wait to get over to Weaver's Orchards and get some fresh apples for this tip :)

Kimmy said...

thanks for this tip, hon!
i knew there was something that could be done so that the apples didn't brown- and i assumed that i would google it one day. : )

Zen Master said...

I will so have to do this. I tried sending apples with the kids on their half days and they would still turn brown before they had snack at school.

Thanks for the wonderful tip!