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Monday, September 17, 2007

12/20/2002 - 09/17/2007

Today Sweet pea lost her first tooth. She has been waiting for weeks for this tooth to fall out and it happened today at school. Yesterday the tooth was very loose and I tried giving it a few tugs to see if it would come out but no luck. Today I went to pick Sweet pea up at school and she came bouncing over to me with a big gaping smile on her face. The right lower front tooth was gone. She pulled it herself in class this morning. My girl decided it was bugging her too much so she twisted it out. Then she held on to it a few minutes until she decided to tell her teacher just because she didn't want to let go of it right away. Her teacher (Mrs.) was well prepared and gave her a small envelope with a laminated tooth on it where Mrs. recorded the date and time. This was her second tooth that came in when she was a baby at a mere 6 months old (12/20/2002) and the first to be replaced by her (sniffles from Mom) adult tooth. I know the other bottom tooth is not far behind, it is already wiggling at us. The tooth fairy will of course be making a visit tonight and I know Sweet pea is super excited about that. She even told me to be quiet tonight so she could go to sleep, forget the typical routine Mom, I need to go to sleep so the tooth fairy can come.


T with Honey said...

Our daughters, they just keep growing up on us. At least you didn't have a major drama over the tooth. Some kids will spend weeks eating applesauce but not wanting anyone to touch the tooth and yank it out of there for them.

Love the pillow, too!

Billie said...

The pillow was a gift when she was born. I love it too and I couldn't wait to use it. She was really good about not complaining too much. Every now and then she would stop eating because her tooth hurt her. Then she informed me that she learned to bite on the side so those teeth didn't grind the ones underneath because she doesn't like that.

Kimmy said...

major milestone!
congrats, sweetpea!
what did she get for the tooth?

and also, on a mom-level: how easy is it to sneak in, retrieve the pillow, and leave the prize?

Billie said...

The toothfairy left her $5.50 with a note explaining that the $5 was special since it was her first one and she is 5 years old. The 50 cents was for the beautiful tooth.

As for sneaking in - no big deal at all, she can sleep through anything. I physically pulled the pillow out from under her head, slid the envelope back in it's place, kissed her, and left. I sneak in her room usually twice a night anyway. Once before I go to bed to make sure she is covered and then the same thing again in the morning (5am).