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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Each night Sweetpea and I sit down to read a chapter or two of a book before bedtime (I am so happy to have moved up to the chapter ones). Sweetpea goes and gets the appropriate book and meets me in the "cat room" on the futon to read it. Last night I was putting a load of wash in the washer and she was in the room with the book first. She was looking through the pages when she told me she knew what "these mean". I was only half listening and I just said You do?. She then proceeded to explain what the punctuation marks mean. She described them all. The comma means you pause, the dot means you are at the end of sentence and you stop, the hook one means you are asking a question, and she forgot what the upside down i means. I was in awe because I just didn't expect it yet. See everything you need to know you really do learn in Kindergarten.

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