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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

School is a lot of work!

With Sweetpea starting Kindergarten I have realized just how much work parents have to do to ensure their children are prepared for school. My day goes like this...
5am - wake up, get dressed, pack my own breakfast and lunch, go to work.
~3:30pm - leave work- go pick up Sweetpea at aftercare and get the daily lecture on how I don't pick her up soon enough.
~4:30 - arrive home and send her out to play while preparing dinner (if it's not a dance class or soccer night). Go through book bag for notes, check her conduct calendar for the day (and she better have a star - I expect perfection), and fill out any necessary forms, fundraisers, etc.
~8:30 - Sweetpea needs to be in bed and I should be leaving the room. This is after getting her inside to eat, chasing her and her friends around the house and moderating any disputes, and bathing her so she isn't the smelly kid in school. Bedtime involves reading books, listening to songs, braiding her hair and tucking her in with kisses and hugs.
~8:45 pm - DH comes home from work, we chat about his day, how Sweetpea was, my day, typical stuff.
~9:00 pm - bedtime (hopefully by 10 which never happens) - pack snack and lunch for Sweetpea, write notes to teacher about if she is buying or packing, write a note for when I will arrive to pick her up, add an envelope with extra money for a treat or drink at lunch. Arrange clothes (after making sure we have clean ones - do wash if necessary) for DH to dress her in morning, arrange all required bags on counter so nothing is forgotten and add notes for DH if anything special is required (i.e - lunch box is in refrig).

After all of the above is done I try to take 15 minutes for myself before heading off to bed. I suppose I will become more efficient at this whole process as the weeks pass but in the meantime I often wish for the simplicity of daycare where they did everything and all she had to be was dressed.

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Kimmy said...

wow. i'm gonna stop complaining about MY daily routine now.
: )
god bless you, hon!