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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Closest to God

I am a religious person in many ways. I am a Catholic by choice but I don't agree with every teaching the church has, just the majority of them. I choose to be a practicing Catholic because this is where I feel closest to God. I also have many other beliefs that the church would oppose but in my heart I don't believe that God would. Either way, with or without the support of the church, I choose to believe what I want to. Most of all I believe that yes there is a God, that without God we wouldn't be here and He has a major impact on our lives.

One thing I came to realize by having a baby is just how close they are to God. I truly believe that being that new and so close to just leaving heaven, children have a deep and true understanding of where they came from. I never thought about it this way before Sweetpea though. It probably also helps that their brains aren't cluttered with useless information yet. There were many times that Sweetpea would talk to me about God and heaven. At these times I was always amazed to see the reaction in her face ( I believe she was actually glowing with peace at times) as she talked about heaven and how nice it is there and how beautiful God is. She didn't know the typical words we use and I didn't prompt her for things, often times she would just make passing comments. Through her I was able to get a glimpse of heaven and the peace and beauty that is there and waiting for all of us.

Another thing I have come to have a deeper belief in through her is the existence of past lives. I know this can be a controversial topic for some but as I said earlier, I believe what I want and you can do the same. I always had a casual interest in the possibility that our souls have had the chance to live on this Earth more then once. From the time Sweetpea could put a few words together (and trust me she has been talking non-stop since she was 1) she would occasionally mention things she did before she was with us. She would specifically say that when she didn't live here but somewhere else she did...this and that. Her descriptions were so realistic I can't deny they were the truth. She has also indicated that she was more then one person and she has told me of things that happened to her in different times. I wish I had written down exactly what she said right away so she could see it someday. Instead I have to rely on my fading memory of the few things she mentioned. If I can remember them in detail I will add them later, I am afraid that if I try to force my memory I will add things she didn't say so I will leave my thoughts floating around for a few days and see what I can recall.

As she has gotten older she has stopped talking about these things all together. I suppose you could contribute her ideas to a child's imagination but I think she really did have these memories and that as she gets more involved in this life, her other memories have faded. Now instead of telling me her memories, she asks me questions about the things she is learning in Church and school. It's been at least a year since she's mentioned anything else; she still has her childlike innocence and her basic trust that what we tell her about God is true but I actually miss that insight she gave me. I do wonder though if her obsession with the french language is a vestige of these memories.

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Meg M. said...

i've had the same types of experiences with SmartyPants. She told me when she was VERY little(probably 2) that she was an Indian Princess...she even gave me a name, but we were in the car and i didn't think to write it down. She told me details about tribal dances and female Indian hairstyles and how they stuff they show on TV isn't CORRECT to what she remembers. It was an eye opener.

Yes, believe what you want because in the end there is only one being who will judge you!