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Sunday, August 26, 2007

What to be when I grow up..

What I want to be when I grow up is a question that is posed to you from the moment you are old enough to talk. I think this question is a good reflection of what you are seeing and enjoying in your world at the moment. Sweetpea has gone through numerous ideas of what she wants to be when she grows up. When she was 2 and you asked her what she wanted to be she would always say a mommy since that was all she really knew. As she has grown and been exposed to more of the world she has changed "jobs" numerous times. For awhile she wanted to be a doctor so she could take care of people. I always thought she would want to be a teacher but anytime I would ask her that she would always say " NO, not a teacher". Maybe being in daycare and seeing what teachers have to handle everyday made her realize that as much as she loves her teachers that she doesn't want to do that. Now she no longer wants to be a mommy since she doesn't want to get a baby in her belly - she thinks that would hurt too much for the baby to come out since the only way she knows for that baby to come out is for the doctor to cut it out (I had a C-section). The latest job she decided upon was to be a writer. We started reading chapter books with very few pictures and she enjoys them very much. At the back of the book they have picture of the author and she thought that would be a great job. This lasted a few months but now with sports starting she wants to try and be a cheerleader when she grows up. I keep telling her that it is something she can do in school but she doesn't quite get time spans yet. So in the meantime she is practicing jumping on the trampoline (since cheerleaders do a lot of jumping) and doing sit-ups to make her belly skinny. I love watching her change ... and keeping track of those changes, after all at her age I wanted to be a waitress when I grew up.

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