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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gender Lines

Conversation between Sweetpea and DH while DH is playing Mario Party on the Wii...

Sweetpea "Dad, which one are you?"
DH - "I am the girl in the orange dress"
Sweetpea (in utter disbelief) - "You are the girl ?!"
DH - "Yeah, I let the computer pick for me, it doesn't matter to me."
Sweetpea - " Well that offends me, boys can't be girls."
DH - " Why not?"
Sweetpea - "Just because boys have to be boys and girls have to be girls."
(This from the girl who likes to walk around saying "Girls rule and boys drool.") I guess in her mind you better not try to be anything else, even in video games, boys just aren't allowed to be pretty.

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Kimmy said...

i love "that offends me"!!!!!!
out of the mouths of babes!
i love your little vignettes from family life...i have to do this more on my own blog.
you rock, B major! : )