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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting closer..

The training has been progressing through the month of March. I found my way to Daily Mile through the various pod casts I listen to and it's fun to track on there and not bore everyone to death on Facebook with my running stats.

I am doing the Running class at the gym again this spring and I still love it. That class is soooooo hard and well worth the cost. Every Monday and Wednesday I get my butt kicked and then the homework gets me too.  Today I did speed and hill Farklets on the treadmill and while short (30 min) it was INTENSE.  I hope to see a change from all this work I am doing. I really want to A) go under 30 min in a 5K and B) Do better in my half marathon time then I did in my first one.  I know B will be hard because my next course has a significant HILL in it but I am training to get myself up it in a decent time anyway.

This Saturday is the Pottstown 5K.  DH is running it for his first 5K ever and I hope it goes well.  I am super proud of the effort he has made to be able to run.  I know he will be fine for the distance but I want him to love it like I do (or maybe at least like it) so we can keep doing this together.  I am even okay with him beating me eventually, even though I am highly competitive ;)

Miss Talkative (DD) is running it as well.  It will be her first 5K as well and she is so nervous.  My plan is to let her run and just stay with her so my time won't count - unless she is a lot faster than I think she will be.  I have confidence in her ability to finish it. She may be tired at the end but she is a determined girl and I think she will do awesome!

It is the first Race of the year so here is the kickoff to the season.  I can't wait to see how it goes!

Keep running, keep training, keep eating right :-)

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