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Monday, April 25, 2011

The 5K time falls ..

I have been striving to reach my 5K goal for quite some time now.  It is Not easy to take time off of 3.1 miles. That is a lesson I have learned well in the past year.  I came so close last November with a time of 30:30. Ugh that last 30 seconds has been haunting me all winter.  This spring, I once again signed up for the running class here at work. Not so much for the techniques and tips but for the constant challenge the coach provides.  In my "what do you want to get from this class survey", I answered "Run a 5K in less than 30 minutes!"  Coach Jen was determined to make that happen for me. She pushed me on my times and said things like, "That was great, I know you can be faster", all the while encouraging me.  So last Thursday night (the day after our final class), I headed out to a local no frills, cheap entry fee, 5K to see what I could do.

I was feeling okay heading out. I had skipped the gym during the day so I had fresh legs. I was nervous about a race at night (first time for me), the wind (the finish was into the wind), a course I never tried before, going alone, and most of all failing.  But it is better to have tried and failed then to never have tried at all so off I went.  I got to the place with only 20 min to register and find my way to the start. There was no parking and I had to park far away and jog up to the registration table. Luckily they had 3 people efficiently working the sign in table so I was through in no time at all. I traded my $10 for a chance at my goal!  I decided to do a warm up jog because it was freezing and windy outside so I headed across the grass and down the trail for a bit and then headed back to the start. We lined up, listened to the usual rules and guidelines and we were OFF! 

I was in the mid-back of the back and I hit go on my watch as we crossed the start line. I was stuck in a huge mob of people with no where to go and i was beginning to panic. I really wanted to have a good start to get a lead on my time goal.  I looked down after a few hundred feet to see what pace these people were making me run only to be surprised that we were doing 8:14 and I was flying along with them without even caring.  Woohoo, off to a good start. We crested the hill and things began to thin out and I could settle into my goal pace. I wanted to maintain a 9:30 pace so I settled in at about 9:25 for a bit of a cushion.  I was off and running.

The first mile wasn't bad and I was settled in and going with a bunch of people. There was still some dodging and passing to do but not too bad on the rail trail we were on.  I the 1 mile split, the man yelled out 9:25 as I passed.  Awesome time considering I was a few seconds behind the real clock on my start time.  Mile 2 included the turn around which is where the hill is on the course.  I ran up the hill and talked myself through the recovery at the top to the turnaround point at 1.55.  It's a pure out and back which means a 180 degree turn around a cone at 1.55 miles.  I turned around and picked up the speed to head down the hill.  I had to make up for the drop in pace that hill cost me on the way up it.  As I came back to mile 2 the split said 19:07.  So I was slowing down a bit but my goal was still within reach!

Mile 3 was the hardest.  Always is.  I was trying hard to keep my pace up but my legs were wearing out at this point.  I was consistently passing and being passed by the same man who was run walking (or more like sprint walking) and it became a game for me. Hear him coming, speed up, he passes me, he walks, I keep going at a slower pace, repeat.  Funny the things that entertain you on a run.  As I came to the final bridge crossing with 0.8 miles to go the wind kicked in.  I knew I was in trouble when I felt my legs blow backwards on each forward step.  Oh no, not now.  I said a quick "please God", dropped my head, and pushed into it.  The final path back takes you through a parking lot with cheering fans (love you guys!) and then up a hill to the final small drop off to the finish.  I was pushing as much as I could now. no time to look at my watch, just had to run!  I pushed up the hill to the crest and I was so happy to see the clock say 29 something at the finish line ahead.  I dug as deep as I could and ran down the slight hill and pressed stop right over that line.  My Garmin clocked me at 29:46!  I had done it! I finally broke the 30 min barrier!

Pure joy was mine :)

Now I wonder if I can break 29:00......

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on breaking 30 minutes! That's one of my goals for this year, but I don't think I'll see it until much later :)