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Saturday, November 1, 2008

All dressed up for Halloween

Sweetpea was supposed to be a ballerina for Halloween. This would have been a FREE costume since I already paid for it for her Spring dance recital. Then she decided she was tired of being "cute" and wanted to be something bad for Halloween. I guess the fact that Batgirl is a good guy was lost on her. The only problem she had with this costume was during the annual begging for candy when the adults called her bat MAN. She eventually resorted to tugging on her braids while saying Trick or Treat so they could clearly see she was BatGIRL. I think she still looks "cute", just don't tell her that!

Sweetpea wasn't the only family member dressed for the occasion.

I was at the pet store and they had this on sale...I just couldn't resist (the costume, the cat was already ours). Can you just tell how much he hates me?

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