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Friday, October 31, 2008

St Rose of Lima

Sweetpea's class was responsible for the All Saints Mass today. Part of this event involved dressing up as the Saint of your choice. Sweetpea (and 3 other little girls) chose St Rose of Lima. St Rose was the first saint from the Americas and is often represented wearing a crown of roses (which she used to hide the metal spiked crown underneath).

I assumed it would be easy for me to make a costume for this event. She just needed to be dressed like a nun with some roses on her head. Off I went to the local fabric store where I bought a pattern for religious costumes (nativity set type) since I think I will have a lot of use for this in the future. I also bought some brown and cream fabric. Now I was beginning to think I was in over my head in this endeavor (I only had 2 days of time left). My sewing experience is very limited, even though I own a sewing machine, I have never had the occasion to make something with sleeves. I went home and promptly made the easiest part, the crown of roses. Check, one task down and off to bed.

Thursday has arrived and Sweetpea is worried that she will be going to mass naked with just a crown on her head. I assured her that I would get her costume finished or at least pin material to her body. I set out cutting and sewing, piecing bits of pattern together and just winging it for the veil since the right type of veil wasn't included in my pattern.

I am happy to say that I was not up to 3 am sewing and that it only took me 3 hours from start to finish(including dinner and numerous interruptions) to make this simple nun outfit. I think it turned out great and Sweetpea was just beautiful!


T with Honey said...

Very cute! Those roses compliment her cheeks so perfectly. And pats on the back to you for the great job in making the costume.

I had to come up with a saint costume too. Our church will be having a Holy-ween party tomorrow night. Princess will be attending as St. Elizabeth of Hungary thrilled that she gets to dress up as a princess that fed the poor. I'll have to post pictures somewhere.

K. Capote said...

Thnku for sharing your idea & creativity!! It will be very useful for me as my 5 yr old will be dressing as St. Rose of Lima for the All Saints Day mass @ our school.
Thnku once again.