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Friday, October 24, 2008

Thoughts to ponder

I don't usually discuss politics. It's a touchy subject for many people and something I don't like to argue about. I have my opinions and I will tell you what they are if I am asked directly, but I prefer to stay low key.
One thing that I do feel strongly about is that all people should vote. There are too many places in this world where people can't express their opinion that we MUST take advantage of this liberty. I always vote, no matter what (even in the primaries).

With the upcoming election, there has been constant coverage on every medium we have. One thing I enjoy listening to occasionally is NPR (National Public Radio). They always have interesting stories and are my entertainment when commercials and songs become annoying. Today I heard a story produced from York, PA (not far from where I live).

In this story, the radio gathered six people from several races to discuss the racial implications of the presidential election. First, they focused on the prevalence of people who fly American flags outside of their homes. It was widely agreed that people who are white, often have flags flying yet people from other races rarely do. They asked the Hispanic and black participants first if they had a flag and why or why not. All four of the participants indicated that they did not fly flags. Some of them indicated that they feel that America does not treat them as full citizens so they can't fly a flag to show their allegiance. Others indicated that due to the way they are treated by others, that they have no desire to fly a flag.

After the flag discussion, the participants were asked how they feel the possible election of a black man to president will change the country. A white school teacher indicated that she is excited to see Obama take office and feels that non-white children will then have a wonderful role model to follow. Her sister in law then expressed her fear of Obama taking office because she is worried about the reaction the minority population may have. She is worried that a false sense of entitlement and revenge will result in acts of violence against white citizens as pay back for years of oppression during slavery. A black man in the audience then indicated that while he doesn't expect that reaction, he does fear too much celebration that may lead to destruction of property and violence if the authorities try to disband the gatherings. He was also concerned that if Obama is not elected, their may be a general revolt from the overall feeling that the election was rigged. Finally, a black woman indicated that her ultimate fear is that Obama is elected but then assassinated in office. She feels that this will lead to all out chaos in our society.

The funny thing I was thinking while listening to this story is that I had not really considered these aspects of the election. I understand the significance of a black man running for office, but I didn't think of what might happen if he did/didn't win. I have considered the stance of both parties on multiple issues and I have made my decision of who I plan to vote for. At this point I don't see anything changing my opinion, but I still found this discussion very interesting.

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