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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh my, has it been that long?

Life as always has been hectic and while I am a great lurker on other people's blogs I have been neglecting my own for quite some time. Looking at it today I realized that I haven't posted anything since March. March - sheesh so much has happened in there it's hard to even imagine catching up. So here's the quick update and as the days go on and nothing else exciting happens I'll work on filling in the holes. I'll try to keep them under their own headers though so I can be somewhat organized versus rambling on and on...

Oh and in case you were wondering(burning at the top of your mind right?) that Project 365 was not so great. At first it was fun, then it became stressful, then I just dropped it all together(like I need any more stress in my life). While I do have about 2 more weeks of pictures then I actually posted, you will probably never see them. Instead I'll just post the fun ones. Maybe more like project 12 (one for each month?).

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