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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Haircuts typically consist of a last minute drop in at the local kids hair cut place. They are wonderful there since no planning ahead is needed (a big plus in my life) and they have custom kid "chairs" to sit on. (Think mall toys without the need for quarters).

This time I happened to have an appointment for myself and since my hair has decided to take a hiatus from growing I switched with Sweetpea. She was very excited to be going to a grown up beauty shop. The newest thing was getting her hair washed. Her neck barely reached the bowl even sitting on a large pillow and she streched out as best as she could. When Krista turned the water on Sweetpea nearly vaulted across the room. After telling her she had to stay back or she would be taking a bath along with her hair, I had to resort to holding her chin while her hair was washed. She was releived to be done and on her way to the cutting chair. We just got a trim, nothing new or exciting, but the best part was the curls. Krista put ringlet curls in her hair with a small braid in the front. The curls were reminescent of a southren belle's, all she needed was the layered hoop skirt. Surprisingly, the curls stayed in until the next day so she was able to show her school friends too.

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