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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Holiday House Tour

I am a few days late but as Christmas approaches and my "To do" list never seems to shrink, I figure better late then not at all. I saw that BooMama was giving a holiday house tour and I thought it would be fun to at least get a few pictures posted of our own happy home. So please come inside and enjoy the view.

Here is a picture of a wreath I recently made to replace our 6 year old smashed beyond recognition wreath. I have to admit I made it because I was inspired by a friend's sister who made the most beautiful wreath ever. Prior to this I had the 6 year old smashed wreath on our front door.

Once you come inside the door you will find this happy couple waiting to greet you. They are one of my favorite decorations and, like all the other ceramics in my house, were made by my great aunt. To give you an idea of their size they stand about 2.5 feet tall.

Now as you look up from these smiling faces you will see this .... (notice the same ribbon here as on the wreath above). Now proceed down the hall into our family room and take a look at the mantel. The Santa's are again hand painted by my wonderful Aunt.
If you glance over to the right you will see this beautiful arrangement. I couldn't get all of the pieces in the picture but let me just tell you, we have a rockin' party. We have the basic Wise men, camels, animals etc but we also have music (drummer boy and flute player), people offering food, and a whole flock of sheep and multiple shepherds. Again all done in hand painted ceramics, my Aunt is a blessing to all of us.
If you turn around now you will see our Christmas tree. We put it up 2 weeks ago after performing our traditional hunt for the perfect tree. I love the way the branches go all the way to the floor. I think we did a great job this year. Our decorations are just a mix of everything we have collected or had given to us, nothing themed or fancy here.
Since our mantle has Santa, our stockings are hung here in the breakfast area. (There are 4 because the cat gets one too).and in our dining room we have 8 little reindeer waiting for Santa to get back in the sleigh (again made by my Aunt - notice a theme here?). And last but not least, I got this from Current when we moved in the house and I still think it is so cute. We have many more decorations but I just wanted to highlight a few things. If anyone wants to stop over for some holiday cheer - give me a ring!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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