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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WFMW - Safe from the "Magic Potty"

Today's WFMW edition has to do with those self flushing toilets. These are great and wonderful inventions since it limits the number of times I go in a stall at a public restroom and get disgusted by what is in there. Since I have a child who has to pee every 5 minutes I know intimately all about public restrooms. The problem with the magic potty is that it is not designed for little people. This means that when Sweetpea leans way over to get some toilet paper, the toilet will flush. Many of these have a super flush suck everything down water pressure issue that scares the pants right off my kid even if they weren't around her ankles. When we first started using these bathrooms, there would be much whining if it was magic and I would have to straddle her on the toilet so I could keep my hand over the magic eye so it couldn't "see" her. One day I happened to have a Walmart sticker on my shirt and so I stuck it over the magic eye - voila - no more accidental flushes and no more stretching over a peeing child while trying not to touch anything else. Of course I didn't have a steady supply of stickers on me so I thought of the next best thing, POST-IT notes! These are cheap, easy to come by, self sticking miracles. Now when Sweetpea has to go and it's magic, she asks me for a sticky paper and off she goes by herself. She puts the paper over the eye, does her stuff making sure her clothes are back in place, then pulls the paper off, drops it in the toilet, and runs as fast as she can out of there. These have been our savior at most restrooms. I use the small one inch ones, if you use huge ones be careful about dropping it in the bowl, you may want to put it in the trash can instead. Another thing that is convenient about having a pack of these on you at all times, if you ever need to give anyone some information (phone #, etc), you just happen to have the perfect piece of paper to put it on.

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T with Honey said...

I tried to switch to using Post-it notes but Princess won't let me. The first time we encountered one during potty training I had covered the sensor with my hand. And that's how it has to stay otherwise she collapses into my legs exclaiming "Mommy, cover it wif your hand. I have to potty and its an au-do-matic fwusher!"

O said...

Bless you for posting this the week I needed it! Our son has just potty trained and his first experience with the auto-flusher was not a happy one. Thanks!

Family O'Foxes said...

my 8 year old still hates those toilets. she makes me go in with her and cover it with my hand...i'm going to try the post-it note. ~Amy

Karen@FamilyBriefs said...

This is a great tip! Thanks so much for sharing it. My littlest is terrified of loud noises, so this tip will be great when she starts potty training!