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Monday, September 10, 2007

How do you drive?

Conversation between myself and Sweetpea which occured when I was attempting to explain why I couldn't pick her up early from school aftercare.

Mom - "I have to go get a new picture taken for my driver's license since it expires on my birthday. If I don't get it renewed then I won't be allowed to drive anymore, then what we would do?"

Sweetpea - "Can I see your license"

Mom - "Sure" - as I dig around in the disaster area of my purse to find my wallet and then pull it out. All very tricky considering I was driving at the same time.

Sweetpea - "Aww, Mom, I like this picture you can't get a new one."

Mom - " I like it too but they don't let me pick which picture I get. If the policeman tells me I have to get a new one then I have to listen to the rules."

Sweetpea "Hey Mom, how are you driving now?"

Mom -" What do you mean?"

Sweetpea - "Well if I have your license, how can you drive now? Don't you need your license to drive?"

After that I explained that driving is like riding a bike, once you learn you don't forget how to do it. The license just tells the policeman that you know all of the rules and it identifies who you are.

I love these little odd conversations we have which I cherish saving just for her.

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