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Friday, August 17, 2007

Opposite shifts

With Sweetpea making her way to kindergarten soon, dear husband and I have changed our shifts at work so that we can better fit her schedule. This means that I start at 6 am and work until 3 -3:30pm while DH starts at 11:30am until 8:00 pm. This allows DH to drop Sweetpea off at school at 8:00 and I can then pick her up at the afterschool program about an hour after she is done (I work about 45 minutes from home so with the commute I can't get there at 2:55 when she is dismissed). Well we decided to start this 3 weeks prior to the start of school so we could get in the swing of things before adjusting to a new school and new friends. I have to say that Sweetpea thinks it is awesome. Now she gets to sleep in (which of course also means she gets to stay up past her 8:30 bedtime) and she gets alone time with dad and mom. In addition she feels special because she only goes to daycare for lunch and playtime until I pick her up. The nice thing about this too is that I have a more relaxed schedule since I don't need to make dinner for dad anymore. Dad is a super fussy eater (in other words he doesn't like any variety) which makes mealtime boring and stressful since I am the only cook in the family. With just me and Sweetpea I can make whatever I want. Now that she is 5, she has decided she will try to eat anything I give her even if it looks odd or yucky without complaining. In addition, I can just make some grilled chicken and a bowl of vegetables and she is very happy with that. We can now eat chicken everyday or whatever I feel like making without getting an ugh face made at me. So we are just completing our second week and I have to say I love it. One more week until school starts!

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Meg M. said...

Glad to hear it's working out! i know quite well how difficult it can be to adjust to a new schedule.
i can kind of sympathize with you in the picky eater dept. My son is a fairly picky eater, though, not my husband. My husband actually prefers to do most of the cooking. But what it is coming down to with us is telling the boy that if he doesn't like what we cook then he doesn't need to eat...or he can learn to cook for himself ;)
Of course, the new schedule you have seems to have ironed all those wrinkles right out for YAY!