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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Getting ready for Kindergarten

Well the time has come for Sweetpea to make her way to Kindergarten. She is so excited that she asks every day if kindergarten starts tomorrow. I should create a countdown calendar for her keep track of it herself - it makes it easier on me and yet then I have to remember to have her cross it off everyday. That just adds to the numerous bedtime activities that must take place before I can finally get to do the thousand other things waiting for me. So back to Kindergarten.... she starts school on Wednesday August 29th at Immaculate Conception. We decided to send her to Catholic school for numerous reasons. First hubby and I both went to catholic school. Second there is the post 9/11 baby I really want her to graduate with a class of 600 other kids? Third, there is the neighbor girl. We love our neighbors dearly here in the circle, and we are always out and chatting with one or the other of them but Sweetpea's best friend is the same age she is. While it may seem ideal to have them do everything together as they grow up like twin sisters, in reality they aren't and our parenting styles are completely opposite. So in order to avoid the future competition over clothes (like those stupid Heelys I refuse to buy) we took the easy way out and said "Catholic school it is.". So on Friday we went and bought her uniforms. Well $428 later we have most of what she needs. Let me tell all of you, nothing has really changed in the uniform department. The sweaters still have arms meant for an ape that need to be rolled up and the jumpers are as stiff as a board. The one thing that did change is the gym shorts. Thank goodness the shorts are now the mesh kind and not those awful short shorts that we had to endure. So now that we have the clothes she is even more excited. Her teacher sent her a name tag to wear the first 2 weeks and she hasn't taken it off since it arrived. I hope that it lasts 3 more weeks, I think I may be hiding it soon.


T with Honey said...

She's old enough for Kindergarten! No, that can't be right.

But she's going to a GREAT school. The principal was my 4th grade teacher and one of my favorites. :)

Meg M. said...

How exciting! The first day of Kindergarten is a bittersweet day, for sure!

Kimmy said...

who's the principal?

Billie said...

The Principal is Christine Foley. She is very nice and runs a very tight ship. It's funny when the kids walk down the hall and see her they all stop and say "Good morning Princal Foley, may God bless you today". It's too funny to see.

Meg M. said...

i had Mrs Powers in 4th grade, so i don't know what Mrs Foley is like. That whole 'tight ship' thing seems about how i remember her, though. Is it just me, or did she hardly ever crack a smile?!

Kimmy said...

i totally forgot about mrs. foley! i also had mrs. powers, and i couldn't for the life of me remember who the other 4th grade teacher was!

yeah- i remember her being stern.