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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The definition of fair....

"It's not Fair" seem to be commonly used words around my house. I say Sweetpea can't do something, it's not fair. She fell off the balance beam at gymnastics and according to her "It wasn't fair because all the other kids can do it and she can't" (even though I saw numerous other kids fall too). Daddy and I get to sleep together in the same bed but she has to sleep all alone - NOT FAIR. (You try sleeping with her, she spins like a tornado in her sleep! I slept with her the entire week at Disney and I think I slept about 4 hours total each night) The latest it's not fair is over a tattoo. Dad got a tattoo on his arm last week. I want to get one as soon as I decide where exactly I want it, but according to Sweetpea I can't get one until she turns 18 so she can get one at the same time. Funny how everything isn't fair for her but who cares if it's fair to mom. Gotta love the perspective of a child.


Kimmy said...

Dad got a tatoo?!?!?!? You want one too?!?!?! whoa. I don't think I'd ever have the nads to do something like that!

to each his own, painted peeps! : )

Meg M. said...

I hear the same phrase often, as well, to which is reply 'Life's not fair, get used to it'

i saw Dad's tat on MySpace, very well done, i must say ;)
i've got 4, myself, and am not near done ;)
My lil guy already knows what he wants and where he wants he just has to wait unti lhe's 18 to get it!