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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Sweetpea has been going to the same daycare since she was 10 weeks old. She has made many friendships that she is very sad to leave behind. One in particular is her "boyfriend". This boy has been attached to her since she started there at the age of 10 weeks. He is about 6 months older then her but since she was a baby he would hold her hand and has always been generally obsessed with her. They have grown up together (and since he is older he sometimes jumps to the next room before her) and it's so funny to watch them interact. They love each other even though they fight like cats and dogs on some days. Now along comes a new boy. This boy is a recent addition to their classroom and Sweetpea thinks he is particularly cute. As we are walking out of daycare yesterday I hear a boy yell "Hey, that's Angel's girlfriend". So I ask Sweetpea (who is now bright red) what that is all about. She says she likes him and everyone calls her that even though she's not. So I ask, "Is he cuter then Nicholas" (the longtime boyfriend)? She says "Oh yes". I ask "What does Nicholas think of that?". Sweetpea says with a smile "Oh he's mad, they got in fight the other day over me and I just told them they should play together so I can be with both of them". Oh young love....I can only imagine the fun to come.


Kimmy said...

wow. sweetpea is starting early!

i don't think i was truly into boys (excepting completely unrealistic unrequited fantasies) until i was 19!

guess they grow up faster, your Sweetpea is a beautiful vision, so who could resist?!?!? : )

T with Honey said...

Sweetpea is already breaking hearts and causing fights? Wow! Go girl!

I wouldn't be saying that if it was my daughter though. I'm so not ready for boy crushes. Luckily Princess hasn't crushed on any boys at daycare yet.

Aimee said...

Wait!!! I go camoing and I come back to discover that you have a blog now!! I really was out in the woods :)

Welcome to Blogville, Billie - there's no turning back now!

Aimee said...

Um, that's supposed to be "camping" My fingers aren't used to the keyboard yet :)