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Sunday, August 10, 2008

One tired little girl

The camp pick up went very well. We were greeted by a running little girl who gave us the biggest hug ever. The first thing she said to me - "Can I come back again?" Judging by that question, I think you can say she had a great time at camp. She was a bit disappointed that she has to wait until next summer to come back though. Maybe she'll end up going twice next year, once in the beginning and once at the end of summer.
She is my brave independent adventurer. She said she only cried once on Thursday night when she woke up and was a bit lonely but all the other times she had friends with her day and night so why be lonely. They got to make lots of fun things, go for walks, look for pirates, paint each other's faces, make awesome deserts, and more and more stuff. She said she couldn't write me more letters because during rest hour, she had to rest! She was too tired from being so busy to write instead.
I think her favorite activity was being in the polar bear club. This meant getting up and going for a morning swim before breakfast at 7 am (no surprise since she is part fish). She only missed it on the last day because her counselor couldn't get her to wake up.
I am so happy to have my baby girl back home and after getting 12 hours of sleep Friday night, she is back in the swing of things. I am so relieved that she loved camp. I loved it as a child and I really wanted her to have the same experience. Thanks GSEP, I appreciate you taking such good care of her!


Meg M. said...

YAY FOR POLAR BEARS!!! i did polar bears when i went to camp. Did she go to wood haven or laughing waters? i am a wood haven alum....7 years in a row, baby!
i'm not surprised she loved it. Camp Rocks!!! (and i don't mean the Disney movie, either!)
Glad she had such a great time!
And glad that you all survived (and maybe even enjoyed) the time away from one another. Helps us to appreciate each other more when we are reunited.

Billie said...

It was Wood Haven. Laughing waters was full which is where we wanted her to go initially. Wood Haven worked out great though and she will be going back next year.

Meg M. said...

SmartyPants went to Laughing Waters (i was secretly hoping she would choose Wood Haven) because they had the program she wanted on the week she wanted. She wants to go back next year. i'm hoping to convince her to try out Wood Haven.
i'm gonna guess SweetPea was in Whispering Pines? That is, if they still use the same names as when i went there. First was Whispering Pines, then it was Robin's Den, followed by Pioneer....ah Camp Wood Haven...i'm not surprised she had an awesome time!