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Monday, August 4, 2008

How did she get so big?

Yesterday was the big day, the day Sweetpea went to sleep away girl scout camp. She was so excited to attend and as we left her there in her tent with 13 other little girls I couldn't help but worry about her. Will she like camp? Will her counselors care enough abut her? Will she be friends with her tent mates? Will she survive a whole week away from Mom, Dad, and everything she knows and is comfortable with? It was very hard to let her there and I would love to run back and get her at a moment's notice. I also want her to stay, have a great time, and want to go back every year. I loved camp as a kid and I never wanted to go home.
She was so brave yesterday. When we arrived she decided she was a bit nervous but then after we got to her tent and she picked a bed and unpacked she was settling right in. We went for walk and found the sinks to wash up at and the latrines which she decided to use only when she had to due to the smell. She was also horrified that the toilets were just buckets with a toilet seat on top. You have to love outdoor bathrooms with no plumping. At least she has a place to sit - better then squatting over a hole in the ground. We spent about an hour with her and then she sent us on our way with a quick hug and kiss. There wasn't any can't you take me home or come back tomorrow. Only "I'll see you Friday, bye" as she ran back to her tent.
Now my thoughts are constantly of her. What is she doing, did she sleep well, what's for breakfast, is she having fun? I really hope she likes it!! I will do my part by sending mail and email daily. I will also worry about her (and pray for her to be having a great time)until I see her again. Here's to a week of child free worry filled fun!
If anyone has any good ideas on what I can send in her care package tomorrow let me know. Only rule is - no food - we wouldn't want to attract bears!


Meg M. said...

i went through this for the first time this year, as well.
SmartyPants is a bit older but due to other circumstances this was her first year away for the week.
i had the EXACT same worries...about tent mates...about sleeping...all of it. Then i remembered the 7 summers in a row i spent at camp and just hoped that she would be ready to go back the day after she came home...and she was.

As for a care package, i don't really know what to tell you to send. i had thought about sending one but opted against it. i couldn't think of anything useful to send and by the time it would get there the week would be almost over. i made sure to send daily emails, though, and you can add puzzles and games to the emails, so i did that to give her something to do during free time.
If anything, maybe send a short book along for her to read during free time? Or even a blank journal and a cool pencil and on the first page of the journal you can get her started by writing 'On my first day of summer camp I felt......'

Kimmy said...

my little 3-year old gal is having dance camp this week. after one full year of me being at home and being around all day, my girl was to spend monday through friday 9am-12pm at dance camp. so far so good.

i felt sad not being able to see what went on in her day. yesterday she told me she threw crayons at kids who were mean to her. i hope she is enjoying it. there is a "show" on friday at the end- i can't wait to see if she's brave enough to perform!

Zoie said...

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