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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just complaining...

How do you handle people who annoy you with the things they do? This is a question I debate on days like today. My team at work is comprised of 5 people. Our boss and 4 of us who perform the daily work. This week our boss is on vacation so I have to perform his duties and another team member is also out. This leaves us with 2 people performing daily tasks instead of 4. I am also involved in a 3 day seminar which leaves me with no spare time for any additional work. Our one team member (who is still "new" to the job) has been doing a great job of keeping up with eveything. The other one hasn't been doing his fair share. Then I come in today to find out that he is taking a last minute half a day of vacation today and a full day tomorrow. He got this approved by the director (who of course said sure, she doesn't know our workload issues). I am so annoyed right now. Due to this I am skipping the final day of the seminar so I can at least be here to cover for his absence. He also does this type of stuff all of the time (taking off early, leaving because he has a headache, calling in sick the day after he took a vacation day, and calling out when he knows we are short staffed). One last point to mention is that Fridays are always rough around here. It is only on Fridays that last minute emergencies arise that require people to stay late or work from home (which he complains about if he has to be the one to stay past 4:30 when he only comes into work at 8:30).
So here is the question? Do I mention it directly to my boss when he returns? Do I just deal with it and move on? Do I put it in his mid-year review which I have to write this week? What would you do? Have you ever dealt with someone like this before?

Ok I guess I'll get back to work, just wanted to vent a bit.

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twithhoney said...

The key is to start documenting the problem. I've been involved in working toward terminating 2 different employees in the past. One was an alcoholic that kept showing up at work drunk. Both still took at least a month of first trying to work with the employee and gathering enough of a paper trail for termination.

He is definitely not a team player which can, and should be mentioned on the review after a verbal warning. Talk to him and your boss about how he should not have gone over your head to ask the director about taking off before discussing it with you first.

Approach the situation from the point of view that typically this is a 40 hour job (if it is) but when emergencies come up everyone needs to take turns being the one to stay late and help get the job done. That's part of being a salaried employee. At least it is for all the jobs I've ever had.

But definitely talk to your boss when he/she returns. If nothing else you need to relay the information that you missed the last day of the seminar and why.