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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another outdoor project

It seems that hubby and I have a weakness for projects outdoors. We have spent hundreds of hours (and dollars) doing outdoor projects. When we moved into the house it was brand new and it came with blank dirt (or at least they told us it was dirt - if you saw it you would think otherwise). One of the rules of the development was that you must install 6 bushes in the front of your home within 1 year of moving in. Since I was pregnant when we moved in we didn't do anything the first spring. We did spread straw on the lawn(when I was 9 months pregnant and no it didn't induce labor) over the new grass seed after they finally put in down in the end of June in 100+ degree weather - needless to say it didn't do well. The following spring we rented a tiller and a post hole digger and went to work installing bushes. Over 30 of them. That's right we are crazy.
Since then we have done numerous other projects (deck, small edging walls, more bushes) and every year I say "NO MORE OUTSIDE PROJECTS". Once again that has failed me (and it was my idea to do this - I think all the digging is getting to me).
At the bottom of our driveway there is a corner that is very rocky - okay it's just worse then the rest of the yard which qualifies as slightly rocky - remember the so called dirt? Well I've been eyeing it up and since we just had a new tree planted right above this spot it seemed like a good time to get started. After waiting several weeks for the never ending rain to cease, I jumped at my chance this weekend.

Here is what I started with (ok I already started digging but you get the point). Notice the stones in the corner - no grass growing here.

and here is where we ended after 2 days of digging..

Now those flowers just need to get busy growing and fill in those bare spots. The best thing about this bed - it is right next to the driveway so I see it every day.

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