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Friday, February 22, 2008


Snow day, snow day, let's all stay home and play in the snow day. Today it snowed, finally (we got about 4 inches with a nice drizzle of rain/ice on top). School was cancelled and so we both decided to stay home and enjoy the day. We have a hill behind our house which we curse at 3/4 of the year as we struggle to push the lawn mower over it, but in winter, it makes the best sledding hill around. The kids spent the day sledding (rolling, wrestling) down the hill alone, in pairs, and all together. Even the adults (ok, just DH and me) joined in the sledding fun. We finished the day with a cup of hot chocolate and eventually the kids decided to come inside to play just to get dry (and to remove the snowballs from their hair). It was a great day - snow days are fun no matter what your age!

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