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Monday, October 22, 2007

Mom's Fix-it service

One day my Sweetpea will look back remember all of the fond times we have had together. Hopefully she won't reflect back and wonder why Mom was always fixing things instead of playing with her though.

I once again spent a portion of the weekend at my MIL's house fixing things for her. This time I was building a radiator cover (she has those old large metal radiators). I do think it turned out rather well but I will spend several more hours there next weekend filling in nail holes and staining the wood edging on it. I am a one woman fix it crew (with some help from the hubby when I need lifting/holding help). I even have my traveling bucket of tools. FYI - I am not for hire though, I provide plenty of free labor to keep me busy year round.

My Sweetpea was good and waited patiently in the living room playing electronic Yahtzee while I hammered away. The only visits I got from her were the numerous times she came running in to tell me she got another Yahtzee - I really don't know how she does it. Her highest score was 344, remind me never to challenge her to a game.

I do hope though, that since I drag her along to all of my projects that she will be able to install her own lighting, fix her floors, and all of the other stuff that needs to be done in a house when she is older. I consider myself privileged to have grown up in a family where we had to fix our own broken pipes, floors, etc since I learned how to do it too and that is my hope for her as well. Maybe one day she can even be the star on one of my favorite DIY network shows.

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