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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

and the Honors begin to accumulate

Ok so I can't help but brag about my Sweetpea. If you don't like bragging stop reading now.........Ok for those who care (or are just nosey) Sweetpea has been awarded the Star Student of the Month Award. Yes, that's right, her first official month of school and she is already bringing home awards. She is one of 4 students in the ENTIRE school (that's right all 9 grades (K-8)) to receive this award. Her award was given to her for "outstanding service to others". So what did she do to receive this tremendous award that gets her name put on the bulletin board for all to see you ask? She gave up her seat in music class to another little girl. As the story goes, all the kids ran over to sit at the tables and once Sweetpea was sitting down there was one seat left. Another little girl (K) was coming over to sit there when a faster kid swept in and plopped in the chair. K was of course upset and began to cry so Sweetpea got up and gave her the chair she was using. Sweetpea then went and sat at a different table. Yes, apparently every now and then, little acts of kindness do get recognized (and miracles happen when kids remember to be kind). So I am writing this now so the next time she does something mean and nasty (not that my angel ever would) I have someplace to point to and say but look she can be nice too!

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T with Honey said...

She must have wonderful parents that serve as excellent role models. That's the kind of award where you can think "I must be doing a good job after all."